Panoramic video capture and produce solutions

We provide a complete set of standardized services to you, the process includes Collection, Production, Publish and Watch.

What We Do


We use the advanced 360-degree panoramic video capture system to meet the shooting conditions in various environments shooting requirements of a variety of environments. Our self-developed panoramic equipment has also been put into use.


Based on one-stop panoramic interactive video production tools, you can create panoramic interactive video of various themes such as commercial short films, micro-film, venue display, MV, etc.


In order to ensure the high-quality viewing experience. You can get the VR content easier, the VR content can upload to various platforms such as websites, mobile phones and Virtual wear equipment.


We have developed a full platform viewing system. Therefore, you can share the contents of your shot to other users, and your audience can get your VR video on their computer, phone or VR headset.

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Kungfu Camera

4K panoramic real-time camera

Developer Tools

The Developer Tools will provide to WEB, the playback component of mobile side, and we create one-stop panoramic access service for your platform.

Linjie APP

You can watch the video and interactive editing on the Linjie APP, When the editing is finished, you can publish it to the cloud, so the APP allowing your video in various platform to show a unified interaction.