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VR Interactive Content

We use the VR content to make the solutions in order to create the immersive VR content, and through smart hardware to share the content to various terminals such as computer, mobile terminals, head-mounted displays, or other display devices.

Brand Promotion

It is a brand new promotional tool that allows users to recognize your product with the latest experience. Our platform can significantly enhance product reference and awareness for customers when they watching the content.

Virtual Tour

Our platform can record and restore the scene through the form of images in order to make visitors feel immersive.

Kongfu 360

4K Real-time Panorama Sports Camera


Ultra-clear Picture Quality


Compact Appearance


Built-in Battery

Kongfu VR SDK

VR Panorama Video Player SDK


Dual Platform Support

Live / Replay

Play Mode

Hotspot Interaction

Interactive Content

Panoramic video capture and produce solutions

The whole process includes several steps「Collection - Production - Publish - Play」


The company researches the panoramic camera and supporting equipment independently, It is suitable for broadcast-level of live or recording and broadcasting program.


We have an experienced team of panoramic film and television production that can output immersion of the strong and high-quality panoramic content. In the planning concept, technical reserves and video effects production services, it has formed a complete experience of the program guide.



We provide free, mass, secure and reliable storage services in order to facilitate users to upload panoramic video. When the upload complete, our transcoding server will automatically convert the original video into the video format suitable for PC, TV and mobile terminals to play.


We provide a comprehensive panoramic content platform, allowing users access to panoramic content more convenient. We have efficient way of data transmission, 360-degree image rendering technology and Interactive hotspot present form to increase the users viewing experience.

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